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Yoga at Samahita Retreat

We invite you to go deeper into the practice at Samahita Retreat, a dedicated center for yoga, health and wellness in Koh Samui, Thailand. Samahita is unique from other hotels as we offer yoga as part of all of ou rall- inclusive programs, retreats and trainings. Read on to find the right program for your level of interest, your dates and what you would like to achieve during your stay   Retreat and Training schedule Samahita Retreat

Fixed-Date Group Yoga Retreats

Join an all- inclusive, fixed date Group Yoga Retreat with a dedicated retreat teacher at Samahita. Available during specific dates, Group Yoga Retreats usually run for 7 days and feature leading teachers from around the globe.  Some retreats have 10 guests and others have larger groups of 60 people, all joining together to learn and grow. You can also choose to experience a tailored wellness or detox package alongside your retreat.


Flexi Date Yoga Programs at Samahita Retreat

Flexi-Date Yoga Programs

We’ve launched our signature YogaCoreCycle program, combining cardio and specific strength training, alongside yoga poses, breath work and meditation practices to help you achieve balance. Self Practice Mysore Classes and dynamic led classes allow practitioners of all levels to go deeper into Yoga. YogaCoreCycle is an all- inclusive, one rate package that includes the full programming of yoga and fitness activities, food, and accommodation. Available for stays of a minimum three days or longer.


Private Retreat

Fixed-Date Yoga Teacher Training

Are you interested in learning more about yoga or becoming a teacher? Discover Asia’s leading teacher Training courses from Centered Yoga and The Yoga Academy at Samahita Retreat.    


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